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Everything about our Dojo and the art of Judo, history and information.

The Ryoku Judo Club practices and teaches Judo,Grappling and Self-Defense under the direction of Sensei Sergio Sanchez .

Sensei Sergio Sanchez has over 35 years of judo training and loves teaching judo. He started Judo when he was 6 years old in Cuba. He trained and learned with many judo masters and competed in many tournaments with great results.

He also trained under Sensei Andres Kolychkine considered the Father of Cuban Judo, Sensei Ronulfo Tamayo and Sensei Silvio Garcia who trained under Sensei Masayuki Takahama. All this training under different teachers gave him lots of knowledge and experience.

Sensei Sanchez moved to USA in 1988 and now is a resident of Las Vegas.Sensei Sanchez is also a USJA Certified Judo Coach.
He founded Ryoku Judo Club in 2006 and is living his lifelong dream of teaching this wonderful art that he loves.

Ryoku Judo Club strives to provide the best possible Martial Arts Instruction and our instructors combine ancient martial arts teaching with modern teaching methods to ensure fun and safe learning environment.
Ryoku Judo Club is a Chartered member of United States judo Association (USJA).

 "You progress not through what has been done, but by reaching toward what has yet to be done.
It is by what you do today that you succeed tomorrow. Such is the virtue of practice"

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